Why even surf?

So why do people really surf?  Well, I can’t answer for anyone but myself. This could be the longest post ever because there are so many reasons. The demand surfing puts on you for a healthy lifestyle, the laid back beach vibes, the salt water rinse, the chance to feel small, the sunshine, and oh … More Why even surf?

Loving Lefts

Thursday, July 21st of 2016 was a good surfing day.  The waves were forecasted to be smaller and possibly boring, yet they were consistently 3-5′ as shown below. I would have brought my shortboard if I would have known I would have been able to catch so many lefts on the south end of Shorties. … More Loving Lefts


Today was my best surfing day ever…let me explain: So on my way to the coast, it was 27 degrees and I was driving slow to avoid sliding on ice…thinking to myself, if it’s this cold in the mountain passes, how cold will it be near the water?! I arrived to see the sun not … More FEELING Faces